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Marianne Carøe is a trained tailor and already during her apprenticeship, at the age of 21, she became self-employed and subsequently opened her studio in Aarhus. She is from Northern Jutland and grew up in a creative family where hard work and a strong will have greatly influenced her life as an entrepreneur.
Marianne is married to Martin Ib, the man behind the food universe MIB, and together they have a son, Romeo. They are both self-employed and have built their businesses from the ground up based on a shared value of integrity and hard work. They share the same energy and passion and work closely together both personally and professionally.

“I am excited to take you into my world of design, silk fabrics and tailoring. My passion for minimalism and fine details is the essence of my designs. My passion and love for the creative universe and my respect for quality and true tailoring is without a doubt the driving force in my work. I am inspired by the world around me, the beautiful colors of nature, international vibrations and, of course, in my work with the shop’s customers.”


Get an exclusive insight into our creative universe.
See the art behind the bespoke dresses: from Marianne’s sketches, to the tailors’ craftsmanship, to the magic of the photo studio.