Luxurious relaxation

marianne CARØE RELAX

Tailoring, relaxation and glamour in a luxurious and modern interaction.

Everyday and party united in a universe of exclusive materials, beautiful colours and casual details.

Discover and get inspired in the shop…….


The universe marianne CARØE RELAX is created from my own wardrobe. I love the style between the fine and the casual and
the possibility to combine the two for any occasion.

To our friends’ wedding – my son’s confirmation – relaxing in our summer house in Skagen – at work in the shop – on holiday in Ibiza or an evening at our FEAST restaurant.

The quality of the fabrics is always my focus and the collection features the softest Virgin Wool and the finest silk from Italy.

Vary the look yourself from casual to sophisticated, with stilettos or sneakers and create your very own look.